*If there are errors regarding your personal information, please contact Ginny Casciello: vcasciello@wsdweb.org
*If you have general questions or need help navigating through the process, please contact one of your staff developers.

The district's Evaluation and Observation process has moved online. To access the TalentEd site, please do the following:

1. Please visit the District's Main page.

2. Go to Quicklinks, click on Employees Only, and click on the TalentEd link.

3. Sign in with your full wsdweb.org email; the initial password is changeme. At this point you will be asked to change your password. For the future, your sign in remains your full email with your new password.

4. You are then to log in and will be taken to 'MY FOLDER'. This will contain any upcoming due dates, handouts, etc. (ie- pre/post observation forms, your actual observation, etc.).
Note: Home folders for teachers on the Professional Plan II strand will look different than those on the Standard strand.

EXAMPLE of Home Folder for Teacher on the Professional Evaluation Plan: Plan II- Professional Growth Strand
Home Screen.JPG

EXAMPLE of Home Folder for Teacher on Strand I (traditional)

TalentEd snip it.PNG

5. When it comes time for your evaluation, be sure to check your HOME Folder for the appropriate forms to be filled out, signed, etc.